Hickory Hollow Cairns

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Hey Jenn

Hope all is well with you and your family! We are overdue in shooting you an email on Hamish. He’s doing great! He went to his first vet visit this week and won everyone over. They remarked what a beautiful dog he is and that it was obvious his breeder had done an excellent job socializing him 😊.  He’s good with w everyone.
We did end up picking up a litter box on our way home from your place and were amazed at him immediately using it. He acclimated to his crate at night very quickly as well. We just wanted to say thanks and let you know how happy we are with him and he seems really happy. He’s just a great puppy, super smart, lots of energy, loves to play hard and then nap!
Pat and Heather

Hi - I haven’t been in touch lately but that doesn’t mean I am not sooooo thankful for you and tour cairn pack!
Charlie means the world to us and has been such an amazing addition to our household!
She had scrambled egg this morning w her kibble for a b’day breakfast - her favorite!
She went to the vet yesterday to get her nails trimmed (spa day for a pedicure as we call it) before her big day today and weighs 15.6 lbs - still incredibly curious - she’s my little monkey!
Fergus is a Joy. He is intelligent, friendly to other dogs and especially children. He is my constant companion and stay with me for most outdoor chores that do not include moving heavy machinery. We feel very fortunate to have him in our family. Th ebest to you and yours