Hickory Hollow Cairns

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Twenty years ago, I met and fell in love with a little Cairn Terrier I immediately named Caryn. I was taken by her sweet face, the way she hopped rather than ran, and the way she stood up quite easily to my Boxer/Mastiff mix who out weighed her by over 100 pounds!  The rest of my story is a sweet love story about a girl and a breed of dog apart from the rest.

Cairn Terriers are bright, energetic dogs. They are fiercely loyal and make great family dogs. They are the ultimate big dog in a little dog body and can virtually go anywhere and do anything. From hiking and jogging to agility and even horseback riding companions, these guys do it all! Best of all they are small enough to wash in your sink and love to cuddle on your lap at night. They love to hunt mice and rabbits and of course squirrels but can be trained to stay off leash with plenty of obedience training.  They come in all colors but white and need very little grooming.